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da5320 w
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NZ $5,499*


Includes 4 x DDW 53x0 stainless steel panels

* Product available to special order only,
estimated delivery time 6-8 weeks from date of order

German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage.

DA 5320 W


Wall mounted decor hood
Only suitable for ducted installation


120 cm wide
Fully stainless steel decor model, slim-line design
For independent mounting on the wall or building in between wall-hanging units


Electronic light-touch controls for hob illumination, On/Off and power control
Selectable fan run-on for 5 or 15 minutes
Automatic reduction of intensive after 10 mins (programmable)
3 power settings plus Intensive setting


Electronic power regulation
Four removable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel grease filters
Non-return flap
Exhaust nozzle 200 mm Ø
Duct connection to top and rear
Halogen lighting, 5 x 20 Watt, dimmable
Powerful fan motor with double-sided suction intake
Sound insulation inside rangehood
Telescopic wall-mounting bracket


Automatic safety switch-off

Performance and operating sound

Intensive 1,300 m³/h EN 61591 71 dB(A) re1pW (58 dB(A) re20µPa Sound pressure)
Max 850 m³/h EN 61591 61 dB(A) re1pW (48 dB(A) re20µPa Sound pressure)

Optional accessories

Flexible ducting DAS 200
Ventilation grille DFG 200
DSM 400 Control module to switch rangehood light on with in-room light switch
Reducing stub for 200 to 150 mm Ø
Roof fitting kit DDF 200
Décor elements DDW 53x0

Electrical connection

Total rated load: 600 W

Product availability, information and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Installation drawings

These installation diagrams should be used as a planning guide only and must be read in conjunction with the operating and/or installation instructions.
1) and 2) Shaded area for cent cut-out