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DA 5590 W


Wall mounted decor hood
Only suitable for ducted installation


90 cm wide
Glass/stainless steel combination with single-layer safety glass
For independent mounting on the wall or building in between wall-hanging units


Touch controls on glass with LED indicators for hob illumination, ON/OFF
and fan settings, operating hours counter for grease filters
(programmable), run-on time (5/15 min), the Intensive setting can be
programmed to switch off automatically after 10 minutes, three fan
settings plus Intensive


Electronic power regulation
Three removable, 10 layer stainless steel grease filters, dishwasher proof
Non-return flap
Exhaust nozzle 200 mm Ø
Duct connection to top and rear
4 x 20 W Halogen illumination with dimmer function
Powerful fan motor with double-sided suction intake
Sound insulation inside rangehood
Telescopic wall-mounting bracket


Automatic safety switch-off

Performance and operating sound

Intensive 1,300 m³/h EN 61591 71 dB(A) re1pW (58 dB(A) re20µPa Sound pressure)
Max 850 m³/h EN 61591 61 dB(A) re1pW (48 dB(A) re20µPa Sound pressure)

Optional accessories

Flexible ducting DAS 200
Ventilation grille DFG 200
Roof fitting kit DDF 200
DSM 400 Control module to switch rangehood light on with in-room light switch
Reducing stub for 200 to 150 mm Ø
Décor elements DDW 53x0
Con@ctivity communication module XKM 2000 DA

Electrical connection

Total rated load: 580 W

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Installation drawings

These installation diagrams should be used as a planning guide only and must be read in conjunction with the operating and/or installation instructions.
1) and 2) Shaded area for vent cut-out