The aroma of coffee captured in a capsule

Purchasing a Miele coffee machine is almost always the start of a long-lasting partnership which promises enjoyment, indulgence and an abundance of coffee delights. With a number of Nespresso coffee varieties, unique preparation of creamy milk froth in the Cappuccinatore, as well as built-in flexibility, it leaves nothing to be desired.Depending on taste and mood, you can choose from 16 types of coffee: from intense to mild, from fruity to aromatic. Each of the 16 differently coloured capsules contains a customised blend of the best coffees of the world. The hermetically sealed capsule protects the flavour from outside influences such as light, moisture and air. The extremely high and consistent standard guarantees an individual Nespresso experience. Be inspired with a special kind of coffee enjoyment.
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.