Everything at a glance – without a smartphone? 

You should have your hands free for the more important things in life. You can now control your robot vacuum cleaner Scout RX2 using voice control without having to use your hands: with Amazon Echo and the Alexa Voice Service, a variety of application options are available to you. It is easy to start the robot vacuum cleaner and send it back to the base station for charging. Ask your Scout RX2 how long it will continue cleaning for or when it will be finished. 
The new voice control feature makes multi-tasking a breeze. Keep your floor clean and shiny while you play with your kids. Scout RX2 performs the task entirely automatically. With a single command: “Alexa, tell Miele to start the robot vacuum cleaner in Silent mode”, the robot vacuum cleaner will get to work quietly and unobtrusively. Intelligent technology, intuitive operation – Alexa Voice Service integrates seamlessly and effortlessly into your daily life. 
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