H 2860 B - Ovens with a timer, XL cavity and PerfectClean. --
  • with a timer, XL cavity and PerfectClean. --
  • Fascia/control panel--

H 2860 B
with a timer, XL cavity and PerfectClean. 

  • 7-segment display with retractable knobs – EasyControl


    Traditional simplicity: select cooking modes and settings using retractable dials. Status information, such as time settings, appears in a seven-segment display.
  • Particularly easy to clean – PerfectClean finish
  • Lots of room and flexibility – 76 l oven capacity on 5 levels

    Oven interior volume & shelf levels 

    Wonderful use of space: the carefully thought out oven interior configuration ensures effective use. 
  • Protects against burns – touch-cool fronts

    Touch-cool front 

    Protection against burns: the appliance remains relatively cool – even on the outside of the door. 
  • Stainless steel/Clean Steel
  • Graphite grey
  • Brilliant white
  • Obsidian black
H2860 B

Product benefits at a glance - H 2860 B


Exclusive to Miele


Unique non-stick effect for effortless cleaning 

Fast cleaning: as no food residue sticks to the surfaces, cleaning is extremely easy. 

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Operating modes


Gentle on frozen food: frozen food is gently defrosted under ideal conditions using cool air.

Eco Fan Heat

Extremely energy-efficient: succulent roasts or incredible bakes are cooked to perfection.

Full Grill

Versatile function: perfect for grilling larger quantities of steaks, sausages, kebabs and more.

Fan Plus

Perfectly soft and light: ideal for gentle baking and roasting on up to two levels.

Intensive Bake

Crispy bases, delicious toppings: pizza, quiche or fresh fruit flans – crispy base, moist on top.

Conventional Heat

Multi-purpose, classic function: perfect results for all types of traditional baked and roasted dishes.

Bottom Heat

Individual requirements: for cooking food in a bain-marie or for browning from underneath.

Fan Grill

Crisp outside, succulent inside: ideal for chicken, duck, pork knuckle, rolled meat and many other meat dishes.


For those who lead a busy life: if there’s not much time for cooking, you will really appreciate this function.


Touch-cool front 

The only thing that gets hot is the food 

Protection against burns: the appliance remains relatively cool – even on the outside of the door. 

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Safety functions 

Maximum safety in any situation 

Safety guaranteed: safety lock and auto switch-off provide reliable protection. 

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User convenience

Timer functions 

Leave time management to your oven 

Always on time: programme the start time, finish time and duration of the cooking process or the minute minder. 

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SoftOpen and SoftClose

Gentle door movement 

Refined and elegant: the door opens and closes with a gentle movement from beginning to end.

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