Elegant and efficient: Seamlessly integrated extractor units from Miele

April 2016

For today’s streamlined contemporary kitchen, Miele New Zealand offers an elegant selection of seamlessly integrated rangehood units that are not only unobtrusive but highly efficient.

There are three new Miele extractor units. At a depth of just 30 cm, each is characterised by a very slim build, perfect for integration into shallow wall units leaving only the extraction surface, including the stainless steel trims and controls, visible.

The units are distinguished by the three different widths in which they are available: the Miele DA 2660 (60 cm in width and $2999), Miele DA 2690 (at 90 cm. $3,899) and Miele DA 2620 (at 120 cm, $4,299).

In each model, the suction area is covered by plain panels which guide rising steam and vapour outwards towards a narrow grille around the edges. On entering the unit, air passes through concealed stainless-steel grease filters as well as an additional active charcoal filter when in recirculation mode.

While all three units operate in both vented or recirculation mode, the 90 cm wide DA 2690 is also available for combination with a choice of three different Miele external fan motors.

Common to all three models is Miele Con@ctivity 2.0 which adjusts suction power according to the usage of the cooktop below.

Compatible Miele induction cooktops transmit their settings via a Radio Frequency (RF) link to the extractor. To install, Con@ctivity 2.0 is very simple as this merely involves inserting the RF transmitter, which comes with the extractor unit, into the cooktop.

The efficiency of these latest models have certainly been confirmed, as all have been recognised with an A energy efficiency rating in Europe. To achieve this, Miele uses highly durable LED downlights and an energy-efficient DC fan. The fan also contributes to reducing sound emissions whilst maintaining optimum air throughput.

Each integrated extractor unit features stainless steel trims, panels and grease filters which can easily be removed for cleaning in a Miele dishwasher.

These latest Miele extractor units are available from Miele Chartered Agents and the Miele Experience Centre Auckland, with the range starting from $2,999.

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