New induction cooktops maintain constant temperature during cooking

February 2017

No risk of food overcooking, no manual intervention to adjust power output and top-class cooking results: The new TempControl induction cooktop units from Miele take the hassle out of cooking, making it simpler than ever before. The correct temperature is maintained at all times by sensors embedded in the ceramic screen. TempControl can be used with any pots or pans suitable for induction cooking.

The problem of fluctuating temperatures, whether on a conventional or induction cooktop, is familiar to at-home chefs and professionals alike. It is a frequently forgotten fact that the temperature in a pan continues to rise during cooking, even if heat output remains constant. If the heat isn't turned down in time, food easily overcooks or even burns on. Things are different with TempControl, though: Sensors detect the characteristics of the material and the temperature of the pan. Power is then regulated automatically to ensure that food being cooked is subjected to a uniform and constant temperature, irrespective of whether the pan lid is fitted or not.

All the user has to do is to select one of three power ranges. Range 1 keeps the temperature at 160°C and is ideal for frying eggs, fish and most deep-frozen products. Steak is best fried on Range 2 at a temperature of 200°C. Wok cooking and even baking pancakes, on the other hand, requires an even higher temperature. The recommendation in this case is Range 3 (220°C). Once the relevant temperature for a selected range is reached, a signal sounds. This ensures that a steak can be placed in the pan when the cooking oil is hot enough. Further examples are listed in the operating instructions.

'TempControl takes the hassle out of cooking as not every momentary attention lapse results in failure any more', explains Gernot Trettenbrein, Head of Domestic Appliances International at Miele.
And: 'The three temperature ranges of 160°C, 200°C and 220°C we have chosen cover the whole gamut of foods, allowing them to be prepared reliably and simply'. TempControl does not require any special pots or pans or indeed any other accessories as the system adjusts automatically to different utensils to eliminate any mistakes in controlling the temperature. 'This was high on our development agenda', says Trettenbrein. Miele cooktops also feature a simmer setting used for continued cooking at a low power output, for example for preparing sauces and gravy. A further feature is 'Keep warm Plus' for the gentle reheating of food and for keeping food hot.

The new induction cooktop are also intriguingly simple to use: Once switched on, the TempControl ring is selected by choosing the appropriate range. There is no need to manually adjust output via the run of numbers. Together with its TempControl cooktop units, Miele is also introducing a new user interface called SmartSelect. Operating controls come up yellow on a classic black ceramic glass screen. By way of an alternative, one model for flush installation will feature white controls (SmartSelect White). The colour of the ceramic screen on these models is a modern graphite black.
The new TempControl induction cooktops boast a whole range of features which have stood the test of time on other Miele cooktop units. Each model, for instance, has a PowerFlex zone alongside the TempControl ring. This feature allows two individual rings to be combined to form one single large ring or a rectangular casserole zone.

All TempControl models also sport Miele's smart Con@ctivity 2.0 function: In combination with an appropriate Miele rangehood, extraction is automatically adjusted to what is actually cooking on the cooktop below. This ensures a pleasant micro-climate in the kitchen, and the person cooking can devote full attention to the job at hand, without having to worry about the extractor setting.

TempControl hob units are available in two sizes and versions. Consumers can choose from either 75.2 or 76.4cm wide units, including models for flush worktop installation or with stainless steel trim.

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