Purchasing policy


The market success of our products is closely linked to their quality and is directly related to our goal of meeting the ever increasing quality requirements of our customers. Under the banner of increased competition in national and international markets quality is becoming an increasingly important factor.

In the context of our purchasing policy and in line with our company motto "Immer besser" (forever better), we are interested in working together with suppliers who share our quality philosophy and who are interested in a business relationship with a household appliance manufacturer which operates globally within the industry.

We feel a special responsibility not only towards our employees and customers but also towards our suppliers and the public. The relationships with our suppliers should be service-oriented, reliable and of a permanent nature.

The prerequisites are an established quality system according to DIN ISO 9000 et seq., environmentally conscious conduct in accordance with EN ISO 14001, punctual and flexible fulfilment of our requirements as well as a propensity for innovation and cooperation in developing technical solutions.

As a socially responsible, ethical and sustainable company, Miele pursues a holistic approach in dealing with its suppliers and complies with international Standard Social Accountability 8000 (http://www.sa-intl.org), and expects its suppliers to do the same. The Standard is based on numerous existing international human rights, including all core agreements of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the general declaration of human rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.