Trust Miele ArtLine built-in appliances with Touch2Open and SoftOpen technology.

The handleless design line for your premium kitchen.
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Setting new standards - with a passion for minimalist design

For me, perfection means creating something unique in an unmistakable aesthetic. A design that stands for perfect simplicity and ease of use.

Dr. Christiane H., Product Designer

A statement of distinction

Miele ArtLine. Reduced to perfection.

Purist, linear and entirely handleless, Miele ArtLine is the first design series of innovative built-in kitchen appliances, which blends in seamlessly with flush furniture fronts. The clear design language is capable of  harmoniously merging cooking, eating and living areas.

Miele ArtLine in obsidian black

The play of light and shadow adds depth to the surface and produces fascinating reflections.

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Miele ArtLine in obsidian black

Pure glass fronts represent perfect reduction. Miele ArtLine in obsidian black is timelessly elegant and creates a very special aesthetic.

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New: Miele ArtLine in graphite grey

This stylish colour tempers the hardness of straight lines, and gives your kitchen a distinguished ambiance.

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New: Miele ArtLine in graphite grey

Graphite gray is the latest colour trend in designer kitchens. The dark and cool tone emmanates  pure elegance.

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Handleless ease

My idea of a perfect working environment is minimalist: clear lines, clean edges and simple touch controls. I like things to be tidy - otherwise I find it difficult to work.

Sebastian B., entrepreneur

The innovations behind a truly handleless design.

Touch2Open: Your finger is the key

It’s the ideal solution for handleless kitchen design: a light touch on the integrated sensor button is all it takes to open the doors of the Oven, Speed Oven and Steam Combination Oven.

SoftOpen: gently effective

SoftOpen ensures that the door opens gently until it has moved into its final position. The opening mechanism of a kitchen appliance has never been so well executed.

Touch controls 

Activate the desired function by  pressing one of the symbols to the left of the display. Use the central touch element to navigate.

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Touch controls 

Knobs are replaced by DirectSensor touch elements. You can easily enter settings such as temperature or time and select operating programmes.

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Intuitive operation

Easily select functions by swiping and scrolling through the appliance menu as you do on a smartphone - no problem thanks to M Touch.

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Intuitive operation

The controls are discreet yet allow you to quickly start the desired automatic programme or set the mode and temperature of your oven in just a few steps.  M Touch makes the operation more elegant and intuitive than ever.

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Refrigerators, dishwashers or coffee machines: discover the other innovative Miele appliances which you can seamlessly integrate into the design of your elegant handleless kitchen - in perfect combination with the Miele built-in ArtLine appliances.

Dishwasher with Knock2Open

How do you open a fully integrated dishwasher that has a completely handleless front? Just knock twice on the front and the door opens automatically thanks to Knock2Open.

Cooktops - perfectly matched

Total integration: flush-mounted on the benchtop, this frameless induction cooktop is operated via touchpad sensors.

Refrigerators and freezers

Miele built-in refrigerators and freezers not only provide excellent storage conditions for dairy products, vegetables, etc., they also fit in perfectly with different kitchen designs.

Coffee machines - optimally integrated

The perfect coffee for every taste: Miele built-in coffee machines are  all-round talents and fit in seamlessly with ArtLine appliances.

For everything you really love.

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