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Data Protection

Miele New Zealand Limited

Privacy Policy

To preserve the confidentiality of all information you provide to us, we have adopted the following Privacy Policy. 

This Policy outlines the obligations which Miele New Zealand Limited (“Miele”) has in managing the personal information we hold and collect about our clients, potential clients, contractors and others. 

Miele is bound by the Privacy Act 2020 (New Zealand) (“Privacy Act”). We take privacy seriously and are committed to observing the obligations imposed pursuant to the Privacy Act. In this Policy, Miele is comprised of all its offices, branches and affiliates.

Head Quarters 

Miele New Zealand Limited

IRD 98 463 631

8 College Hill

Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011, NZ

Tel. 0800 464 353

Fax (09) 573 1268

What/Why do Miele collect personal information?  Miele collects personal information in order to conduct its business, to provide and market our services and to meet our legal obligations.  Personal information is information or an opinion relating to an individual which can be used to identify that individual. We collect the personal information we need to provide the products and services we offer, which includes a broad range of MIELE products, after sales support, delivery and installation service etc.  

In general, the type of personal information Miele collect and hold includes (but is not limited to): names, addresses, contact details, occupations and other information which assist in conducting our business. In most cases, if personal information requested is not provided, we may not be able to supply the relevant product or service.

Where practicable, we will collect personal information directly from the individual concerned. Sometimes we will collect it from a third party, such as an Authorised Miele Agent or Authorised Miele Service Partner. The type of information we collect, and where we get it from, will depend on the product or service. If you deal with us by telephone it is possible your call may be monitored or recorded. 

The purpose of doing this will depend on which part of our business you are dealing with. We may record or monitor your call for training, quality and verification purposes.

We use your information to provide you with better customer services and products.

We will use and disclose the personal information we hold about you for the main purpose for which we have collected the information (for example, if you request a Product related Service or Repair we will disclose the information to an Authorised Miele Repair Partner for the purpose of completing the repair or service works).  

In general, Miele may use and disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to conduct our business; 
  • to provide and market our services; 
  • to communicate with you;
  • to purchase from you; 
  • to comply with our legal obligations, and
  • to help manage and enhance our services.

We may also use personal information for planning, product development, research and to seek feedback on our products and services. We may use and disclose the personal information for a secondary purpose related to that main purpose where the individual would reasonably expect us to do so.  Otherwise, we will keep personal information confidential unless:

  • you agree; or
  • we are required or allowed by law to make the disclosure (for example, to comply with an order of a Court or Government Agency request).

About whom do Miele collect personal information? 

The type of information Miele may collect and hold includes (but is not limited to) personal information about: 

  • clients, business associates and potential clients and their employees; 
  • suppliers and their employees; 
  • prospective employees, employees and contractors; and 
  • other people who come into contact with a member of Miele. 

How does Miele collect Personal Information 

Miele will generally collect personal information by way of orders placed, quotations, letters and electronic communications, forms filled out by people, online queries, face-to-face sessions, interviews, business cards, telephone conversations and from third parties. Miele may be provided with personal information about an individual from a third party, for example when an order is placed with a Miele Authorised Agent for Miele product.

We may pass your information to other Miele agents

Where we outsource our functions, contractors or agents, it may be necessary for members of the entities to which we outsource to access your personal information to continue to provide products and services to you. Miele contractors and agents will be bound to adhere to the relevant privacy handling legislation, policies and practices in relation to the use or disclosure of your personal information.  If any personal information we need is not available, or not provided, we may not be able to provide the relevant product or service.

Miele may disclose your personal information to:

  • other members / personnel within Miele;
  • other companies or individuals who assist Miele in providing services or who perform functions on their behalf (such as mailing houses and Authorised Service Agents) 
  • courts, tribunals and regulatory authorities, and
  • anyone else to whom you authorise us to disclose it. 

Miele may also collect personal information from these organisations and individuals, and we will deal with that information in accordance with this Policy.

We aim to keep your information up-to-date

We rely on the personal information we hold about you in conducting our business. Therefore, it is important that the information we hold about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date. This means that from time-to-time we may ask you to tell us if there are any changes to your personal information. If you find that information we hold about you is incorrect, please contact us immediately.

Miele will correct information it has about you if it discovers, or you are able to show, the information is incorrect. If you seek a correction and Miele disagrees that the information is incorrect, Miele will provide you with its reasons for taking that view. 

How to gain access to your Personal Information

You may request access to your personal information via making a request in writing and directing it to:

               The Privacy Officer 

               Miele New Zealand Limited

               8 College Hill

               Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011, NZ

Following the receipt of your requests, our Privacy Officer will be in contact and provide you with an estimate of the charge and confirm whether you wish to proceed with accessing your information. Miele may charge a fee for informing an individual what information it has about them. This fee will be charged to cover Miele’s reasonable costs in locating and supplying the information.

Generally, Miele allows individuals access to the information it holds about them within a reasonable time after they have made a written request for access. In some instances, Miele may refuse to give an individual access to requested information. If it does so it will provide that individual with the reason it has refused them access. We may also decide to provide you with limited information. If we do so, we will let you know why your request has been limited. This may be because the process you are asking about is commercially sensitive or the request is vexatious or frivolous.

Joint Information

Where you have a joint facility with an individual or a number of individuals we will permit access to the personal information and the operation or conduct of the facility but will not provide you access to the other individual’s personal information unless the person you have the joint facility with has provided their consent or the law or a court order requires us to.

Management of personal information 

The security of your information is important to Miele and we take all reasonable precautions to protect your information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Miele personnel are required to respect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of individuals.  Miele takes reasonable steps to protect personal information held from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, for example by use of physical security and restricted access to electronic records. Where Miele no longer requires your personal information for a permitted purpose, we will take reasonable steps to destroy it. 

Some of the ways we protect your information include but are not limited to:

  • security of external and internal premises;
  • restricting access to personal information to employees who need it to perform their day-to-day functions;
  • providing employee training in relation to privacy and confidentiality;
  • data encryption technology and firewalls; and
  • maintaining technology to prevent unauthorised computer access including identifiers and passwords. 

Sending information overseas

Miele may disclose your personal information to the following overseas recipient’s: 

  • other members of the MIELE Group (including those members located in Australia); 
  • to other companies or individuals who assist us in providing services or who perform functions on our behalf (such as third party service providers and specialist consultants); 
  • to anyone else to whom you authorise us to disclose it; and 
  • to anyone else where we are required to do so by law.

Sensitive Information 

Some personal information which Miele collect is 'sensitive information'. Sensitive information includes information relating to a person's racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion, trade union or other professional or trade association membership, sexual preferences and criminal record that is also personal information; and health information about an individual. 

Sensitive information will be used and disclosed only for the purpose for which it was provided or a directly related secondary purpose, unless you agree otherwise, or where certain other limited circumstances apply (e.g. where required by law).

Website Collection 

When using the public area of our website, you are not required to provide us with any personal information if you do not wish to do so and we do not monitor or collect personally identifiable information from you on your use of the public sections of the website. We may track the number of users who visit areas of the website, but this tracking will not identify you, unless you use cookies. We may also record the location of your computer on the Internet for systems administration and troubleshooting purposes and to report aggregate information.

However, we will collect personal information if you commence or submit an order via the Miele online shop, submit an online enquiry or seek to make contact with Miele via the website. We may also use third parties to analyse traffic at that web site, which may involve the use of cookies.

Our use of cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disk for record keeping purposes and which allow us to provide you with customised services. Cookies can make the web more useful by storing information about your preferences on particular sites, thus enabling website owners to provide more useful features for their users. They can also help us provide information which is targeted to your interests. Cookies contain no name or address information or any information that will enable anyone to contact you via telephone, e-mail or any other means.

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you would prefer, you can set your browser to refuse cookies. However, given that we may sometimes use cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of our website, if you do so.

Buyers Guide

On our website, we use Guided-Selling-service provided by our service provider Neo Commerce GmbH, Max-Bill-Str. 8, 80807 Munich, Germany („Neocom“). The Guided-Selling- service helps you to find the right product faster and more efficiently. After only a few questions, initial product suggestions are made. The products get populated based on how well it fits your needs. You are free to decide whether you like to use the service. In this context, we only process meta data of an HTTP Web request as referrer, your IP-address, browser language and user agent (browser/ OS type & version) and your data shared with us by using the service. The data will not be stored. We process your data in order to provide you the service. The legal basis for the processing is Art. (6)(1)(a) GDPR or its equivalent in non-EEA jurisdictions. If you purchase a product, the legal basis for data processing is Art. 6 (1)(b) GDPR or its equivalent in non-EEA jurisdictions. Neocom acts as a processor on our behalf and acts upon our instructions.

In the context of the use of services, we also store information in your session storage, mainly in order to identify a user throughout multiple browser sessions. Please find more information to our cookie notice. For more information about Neocom and the Guided-Selling-service please visit


On our website, we use the services of Qualtrics LLC, 333 W. River Park Drive, Provo UT 84604, USA to conduct customer, product, and brand surveys in order to regularly improve our products and services. When taking a survey, we will process log data, including date, timestamp, browser information, browser settings, device details, and usage data (which includes the distinction between customers and guests during the checkout process). This information helps us in understanding your search behaviour and is correlated with your survey responses in Qualtrics to assess the effectiveness of your search experience, ultimately guiding us in enhancing our services and product. You are free to decide whether you want to participate in a survey. If you do not want to participate, you can simply close the survey pop-up by using the “X”-button on the top right corner of the survey pop-up. The data processing is based on your consent under Article 6(1)(a) GDPR. You can revoke your consent with effect for the future at any time.

In the context of the use of Qualtrics services, we also use Qualtrics cookies, mainly to help keep track of survey sessions or to maintain survey sessions. Please find more information to our use of Qualtrics cookies in our cookie notice. For more information about Qualtrics LLC and use of personal data by Qualtrics please visit

Web Beacons

Our web pages may contain electronic images, known as web beacons or spotlight tags. These electronic images enable us to count users who have visited certain pages on our website. Web beacons and spotlight tags are not used by us to access your personal information, they are simply a toll we use to analyse which web pages customers view, in an aggregate number.

Digital Miele Assistant

The Digital Miele Assistant is a so-called chatbot provided by our technical service provider, e-bot7 GmbH, Perusastraße 7, 80333 Munich. The Digital Miele Assistant will assist you in the search for information on and purchase of Miele Service Packages, such as the Miele Service Certificate, Coffee Care or Exclusive Care Packages. You can simply enter your questions in the chat window. The Digital Miele Assistant will then provide you with answers. If you would like to request a Miele Service Certificate, the Digital Miele Assistant will send you a link to the appropriate web form.

The Digital Miele Assistant does not answer any contractspecific customer requests. If you have any such enquiries, please contact our customer service: Personal details are neither required nor requested in order to use the Digital Miele Assistant. At the most, information about the respective appliance type is collected but not appliance identification, e.g. via a serial number, which is necessary for the Digital Miele Assistant.

We process your data to deal with your concerns and to control and improve our business and service processes, including the Digital Miele Assistant, which is our legitimate interest. The legal basis for the processing is Art. (6)(1)(f) GDPR or its equivalent in non-EEA jurisdictions. If you purchase a Miele Service Certificate or another

Miele Service Package, the legal basis for data processing is Art. 6 (1)(b) GDPR or its equivalent in non-EEA jurisdictions. E-bot7 GmbH acts as a processor on our behalf and acts upon our instructions.

The questions you ask the Digital Miele Assistant, as well as the usage data, i.e. chat duration, time stamp of the messages, number of dialogues and approximate location of the users, are stored for a maximum of 90 days. After that, your questions will be deleted irrevocably. In addition, the usage data are stored anonymously for statistical purposes. Personal data are not evaluated.


On our website we use an A/B testing tool provided by our technical service provider Optimizely AB, Torsgatan 11, Box 7007, 103 86 Stockholm, Sweden. Optimizely allows us to compare two versions of our website and then determine which version results in better performance. For this purpose, we must use Cookies and similar technologies named “Session storage” and “Local storage”, in particular, for identifying visitors, tracking their actions, and delivering consistent experiences across page loads. We collect a Visitor ID and an IP Address, which is anonymized by default.

For a small portion of our website visitors (less than 10%), Optimizely Web Experimentation and Optimizely Performance Edge will attempt to collect performance and product usage telemetry; no personal data is collected. Cookies on the browsers of visitors who are sampled for this telemetry data are dropped from domain

For more information about Optimizely, please visit


On our website we use Hotjar by Hotjar Ltd (“Hotjar”), Dragonara Business Centre, 5th floor, Dragonara Road, Paceville St Julian’s STJ 3141 Malta, that provides Software as a Service (SaaS), a third-party analytics service, to help us understand how visitors engage with our website and to optimize this service and experience.

Hotjar may collect and process data on our behalf, including clicks, mouse movements, and scrolling activity, what users do and don’t like, information about your device and browser, IP address (collected and stored in an anonymized format), unique device identifiers, referring URL and domain, pages visited on, geographic location (country only), and the preferred language used to display our website. Hotjar stores this information on our behalf in a pseudonymized user profile. Hotjar is contractually forbidden to sell any of the data collected on our behalf.

Hotjar acts as a data processor, and we as a controller in accordance with the GDPR.

All data collected by Hotjar is stored in the European Economic Area. However, it might be possible the data will be transferred to sub-processors outside the EEA and/or the United Kingdom (“Third Countries”). There will be certain safeguards to ensure that the data is protected in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

For further details, please see Hotjar’s support site

About Hotjar – Hotjar Documentation.


We use SaleCycle Ltd, Office 2.01, PROTO Building, Baltic Business Quarter, Abbotts Hill, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 3DF (SaleCycle). When you use our website, details of the products you’re looking to purchase and your email address and other data may be collected as you fill in your details. If you don’t complete your order, we may contact you (using the contact details provided) in order to offer our assistance in facilitating your purchase on our website. This is an optional service and you can choose to opt-out from receiving these messages at any time, by following the unlink in the footer of any such communications. Please see the SaleCycle Service Privacy Notice for more details regarding the cookies used by SaleCycle on our website:

Trade Desk Pixel

On our website, we use the Trade Desk Pixel, provided by The Trade Desk Ltd (“Trade Desk”), 10th floor, 1 Bartholomew Close, London EC1A 7BL, United Kingdom, a snippet of JavaScript code that allows us to track your activities on our website and facilitates the use of technology that helps us with digital advertising by a Demand Side Platform (“DSP”).

The purpose for processing the data is for advertising purposes including personalizing ads, delivering ads, limiting the number of times you see an ad, measuring effectiveness of ads, reporting on ad campaigns and maintaining ad transaction records.

The processing of the data takes place in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). The legal basis of the data processing is the consent pursuant to Art. 6 (1)(a) GDPR or its equivalent in non-EEA jurisdictions.

Trade Desk collects and uses data, on our behalf, to ensure that the ads you see are relevant and to measure and report on their effectiveness. The platform uses data to produce a mapping of devices that might be related to each other. This means that they might be used by the same person or by people within the same household. This helps us to better target and measure our campaigns, as well as to limit the number of times the same person or household sees an ad.

Trade Desk acts as a data processor, and we as a controller in accordance with the GDPR or its equivalent in non-EEA jurisdictions.

Trade Desk may collect and process pseudonymous data, on our behalf, about users, households, devices and ads and where they’re shown, including unique cookie identifiers, device advertising identifiers, pseudonymous identifiers derived from email address or phone numbers, IP addresses, interest and demographic information stored and/or used on the Platform, interest and demographic information they create or infer, other information about browsers and devices, such as type, version and settings, location information based on IP address or other types of information that may include precise geolocation information (i.e., latitude/longitude coordinates), if provided, the browser and device information type, version and settings, hashed email addresses and other identifying information (or information derived from such).

The data sent by us is retained by Trade Desk in a pseudonymized manner for up to 18 months.  After 18 months (often sooner) the data is de-identified or aggregated and stored for up to 3 additional years.

For more information, please see the link to the site of Trade Desk (The Trade Desk - us - privacy).

Direct Marketing

From time to time we may use your personal information to inform you about products and services including special offers. If you do not wish to receive this information, simply let us know by contacting:

The Miele Customer Service Team

Phone: 0800 464 353

or in writing:

The Privacy Officer 

Miele New Zealand Limited

8 College Hill

Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011, NZ

You can change your mind about receiving information about our products and services at any time. Simply let us know by phoning the above number or writing to the above address.

Miele does not disclose your information to organisations outside of Miele for the purposes of allowing them to direct market their products to you. If the law requires us to provide you with information about our products or services, we will provide that information to you even if you have elected not to receive information about our products and services generally.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

This Policy will be reviewed from time to time to take account of new laws and technology, changes to our operations and practices and the changing business environment. We may make changes to our privacy policy from time to time and for any reason. If we do, we will publish an updated Privacy Policy on our website. The most current version of this Policy is located at and can be obtained by contacting the Miele Privacy Officer. 

If you have privacy concerns

If you have concerns about the way in which we have handled your personal information or believe your privacy has been compromised you should contact our Privacy Officer and advise that your concern is in relation to a privacy matter and provide full details of your concern. We may ask you to place your concerns in writing in order for us to fully understand and investigate the issues you have raised.

Data security

Information on data security at Miele

Miele on data security

Miele, as a manufacturer of high-quality and durable products, also puts the highest demands on the data and cyber security of its networked devices, apps and web applications. Although, we try very hard to detect and eliminate weaknesses in advance, one hundred percent security in case of information technology can be hardly achieved.

For this reason, Miele is interested in any information from you that relates to possible or discovered data security risks affecting our networked products, apps or web applications.

For reporting vulnerabilities and information about cyber security at Miele, please use our international page:


Even if you're not quite sure: We will follow up your request and contact you if we have any further questions.



Cookie Policy

Last updated: 16.02.2024

Miele New Zealand Limited (“Miele”) uses so-called cookies on this website. In this policy we explain in detail what types of cookies Miele uses, what data is processed by them, cookie lifespan and your rights in relation to cookies.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time in the cookie settings in our "Privacy Preference Centre".

  1. General Explanation

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or end device when you use our websites. When you visit the Miele website, a cookie may be stored on your system. This contains an individual string of characters that can be used to identify your browser the next time you visit the website. There are two basic types of cookies:

  • Temporary cookies: These cookies, also called session cookies, are temporarily stored on your computer or terminal device during your visit to our website and then deleted.
  • Persistent cookies: These cookies remain on your computer for a longer period of time.

In general, Miele uses various Internet technologies (e.g. cookies, Java-Script) to make it easier for you to use the Miele Internet applications and to optimise them. This means that they are used to:

  • Identify you when you log in to our web shop and to ensure that valid security standards, optimized for you, are observed.
  • Help us remember products that you have added to your shopping cart or notepad.
  • Show you the quantity of products you have added to your shopping cart or notepad on the website.
  • Remind us of your chosen language during the session, so that you can navigate our pages more easily.
  • Analyse data, such as the evaluation of the number of visitors to our website or the most frequently visited websites. We use the analysis results for the purpose of optimizing our website.
  • We also use so-called marketing cookies from third parties for the purpose of retargeting/remarketing and the placement of personalised online advertisements.

Please note that Miele needs you to express your preferences regarding the use of cookies, on its own interface, but by changing the cookie settings of your Internet browser, you can also deactivate or restrict the transmission of cookies. You can delete already stored cookies at any time. Further browser specific information on how to delete cookies can be found here:

Please note, however, that if you deactivate cookies, you may no longer be able to use all the functions of the website. In the menu of most browsers you will find setting options for the use of cookies. Typically, a browser has the following setting options:

  • View cookies,
  • Allow cookies,
  • Disable all or certain cookies,
  • Disable all cookies when closing the browser,
  • Blocking cookies,
  • Notify when a cookie is to be set,
  • Objection to tracking web analysis (opt-out).

When you visit our website, a banner informs you about the use of cookies and asks for your consent to cookies requiring consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future, which we explain in detail in this cookie policy.


  1. Google Tag Manager

On our website, we use the tag management service named Google Tag Manager provided by Google Ireland Ltd., Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin (“Google”). Google Tag Manager allows websites to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively known as tags on their websites or mobile apps. Once the small segment of Tag Manager code has been added to a project, the website can safely and easily deploy analytics and measurement tag configurations from a web-based user interface.

The Google Tag Manager helps us to implement and manage cookies and tracking tags. The Google Tag Manager does not use any of its own cookies, but the Google Tag Manager triggers other cookies and tracking tags if and insofar you have explicitly agreed to the use of such cookies and tracking tags. You will find detailed information to each of such cookies and tracking tags in our cookie notice. In the context of the use of the Google Tag Manager, we and Google process your ip-address and an unique identifier. It might be possible that your data will be processed outside the territory of the European Union. In order to ensure an appropriate level of data protection, Google and we have agreed on the standard contractual clauses published by the European Commission. The legal basis for the use of the Google Tag Manager and related data processing activities is our legitimate interest, Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR. That legitimate interest is the assistance Google Tag Manager provides us in implementing and managing our use of cookies and tracking tags.


  1. Technically necessary cookies (essential cookies)

Essential cookies are required for navigation of the websites and for the use of their functions, such as access to the registration part of the website or the use of our chat tool. Without these cookies certain functions of the website are not possible.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data using technically necessary cookies is legitimate interests Article 6(1) (f) GDPR. The legitimate interest is that this processing is required for navigation of the websites and for the use of their functions. The data collected by technically necessary cookies is not used to create user profiles.

Essential cookies cannot be deactivated. The essential cookies we use are generally so-called session cookies, which are generally automatically deleted after the browser session has ended.

Some essential cookies are provided and/or accessed by third parties. Details of the third parties and their tools that we use essential cookies for are explained below.


3.1 Interershop Commerce Platform

On our website we use various cookies for essential purposes that are provided and/or used by Intershop Communications AG, Steinweg 10, 07743 Jena, Germany (“Intershop”). We use a series of necessary cookies, which are provided and / or used by Intershop and which are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Intershop provides a platform for managing customer identity management, including customer profiles, preferences, opt-ins, and consent settings. Further information about the Intershop can be found here.


3.2 OneTrust LLC

On our website, we use a Consent Management Platform provided by OneTrust LLC, Building 600, 1200 Abernathy Road Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia, 30328, USA (“OneTrust”). OneTrust is a cookie consent solution that enables Miele to operationalize cookie compliance for different legal frameworks around the world. OneTrust enables us to generate cookie banners, to store your consent settings, as well as inform you of the use of various cookies on the website. For more information on OneTrust, please visit Privacy Notice and Policy | OneTrust.


3.3 – Buyers Guide

On our website, we use the Guided-Selling-service, a so-called Buyers Guide, provided by our service provider, Neo Commerce GmbH, Max-Bill-Str. 8, 80807 Munich, Germany („Neocom“). In order to provide you with our Guided-Selling-service, we must use a technology named “Session storage” in order to group multiple uses of the Guided-Selling-service in one browser session. Without such technology, the Guided-Selling-service is not useable. This technology will only be used if you actively request to use the Guided-Selling-service. Please find more detailed information about Neocom and data processing activities related to the use of the Guided-Selling-service in our privacy notice.


In addition, we use cookies on our website which enable an analysis of your usage behaviour (so-called analysis cookies). With these cookies we collect and store the following data:

- Frequency of page visits

- Search Keywords

- Use of website functions

Your data collected by means of the cookies is pseudonymised, so that it is no longer possible to assign the data to the respective user without additional data.

This processing enables us to improve the quality of our website and its content. The legal basis for this processing of data is consent under Article 6(1) (a) GDPR. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time in the cookie settings in our "Privacy Preference Centre".

Some analytics cookies are provided and/or accessed by third parties. Details of the third parties and their tools that we use analytics cookies for are explained below.

The analysis cookies we use include:


4.1 Google

On our website we use various cookies for analysis purposes that are provided and/or used by Google Ireland Limited ("Google"), a company incorporated and regulated under Irish law (registration number: 368047) with its registered office at Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland ("Google"). Further information about these Google Services can be found below and at The details table below contains cookie names with variable identifiers, where <wpid> is web property ID or the measurement ID for Google Analytics 4, consisting of 10 characters (numbers and letters), [_<customname>] and <property-id> are property IDs in Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics), consisting of digits in the following pattern: UA-XXXXXXXX-X.

4.1.1 Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics to design and improve the website in line with demand. Google Analytics uses so-called cookies, which are stored on your end device and which enable an analysis of your use of the website. The information generated by the cookie is usually transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there. On this website, we use the extension of IP masking (so-called IP masking), i.e. your IP address is shortened by Google within member states of the European Union or in other contracting states of the Agreement on the European Economic Area before being transferred to, and stored in, the USA. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transferred to a Google server in the USA and shortened there.

On behalf of the operator of this website, Google will use this information to evaluate your use of the website, to compile reports on the website activities and to provide further services to the website operator in connection with the use of the website and the Internet.

If you are a Google account holder and have consented to the personalization of advertising ("Ads Personalization") then Google's services also include reports on the effectiveness of our advertising measures (including cross-device reports), demographics and the interests of our users, as well as functions for cross-device delivery of online advertising. In this case, the legal basis for data processing is your consent to Google (Art. 6(1)(a) GDPR).

You can object to the collection or evaluation of your data by Google Analytics by downloading and installing the browser plugin available at the following link:

The data sent by us and linked to cookies, user IDs or advertising IDs are automatically deleted after 14 months.


4.2 OneTrust LLC

On our website we collect anonymized Opt In vs Opt Out rates through the Consent Management Platform OneTrust. We collect this information based on legitimate interest Article 6(1) (f) GDPR, as it allows us to measure consent rates and improve the user experience. In the event you agree to the use of analytics cookies, we will collect data about your interaction with OneTrust generated consent banner. OneTrust allows us to perform aggregate analytics, including information about Browser Type, Country and Platform of our users(Desktop/Mobile/Tablet). The data collected does not allow for identification of a natural person. For more information on OneTrust, please visit Privacy Notice and Policy | OneTrust.


4.3 Bazaarvoice

Bazaarvoice is a tool provided by Bazaarvoice, Inc. 10901 Stonelake Blvd., Austin, Texas 78759, USA, that provides you the ability to submit reviews and ratings of our goods, producs and services as well as other user generated content. In the context of the use of the Bazaarvoice services, we use certain cookies that help us to improve the user experience, optimize services and to collect diagnostic information.  More information could be found here. You can change or preferences and reject your consent at every time by using the preference center on the top of this cookie notice or directly on the Bazaarvoice website.


5. Marketing cookies

For the purpose of retargeting/remarketing and for the placement of online advertisements we use so-called marketing cookies from third parties.

Retargeting or remarketing refers to technologies that allow users who have previously visited a certain website to see suitable advertisements even after they have left the website. For this purpose, it is necessary to recognize Internet users beyond their own website, for which cookies from the corresponding service providers are used. In addition, the previous usage behaviour is taken into account. For example, if a user looks at certain products, these or similar products can later be displayed as advertisements on other websites. These are personalised advertisements that are adapted to the needs of individual users. For this personalised advertising, it is not necessary for the user to be identified beyond recognition. The data used for retargeting or remarketing is therefore not merged with other data.

Marketing cookies may also track user engagement with the ads ultimately shown. This is in order to avoid unwanted duplicate advertising and to track the amount of times ads result in some form of ad conversion (e.g. an ad being clicked on or an actual sale).

The legal basis for the processing of personal data through marketing cookies is consent (Article 6(1)(a) GDPR), You can revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future, by managing your settings at the very top of this Policy.

We use such technologies for the placement of online advertisements. For the placement of the advertisements we use third party providers. Details of the third parties (and their tools) who provide and/or access marketing and targeted cookies are explained below.

5.1 Facebook / Meta

On our website we use marketing cookie(s) provided and/or used by Meta, Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA (“Facebook” or “Meta”).

Facebook cookies are used if you have a Facebook account, use the Facebook Products, including the Facebook website and apps, or visit other websites and apps that use the Facebook Products (including the Like button or other Facebook Technologies). The Facebook cookies allow us to track your activities on our website in order analyse the effectiveness of our conversion funnel and to regularly improve our website. Furthermore, the Facebook cookies allow us to use the “Custom Audiences” remarketing feature of Facebook. This allows users of the website to be shown interest-based advertisements ("Facebook Ads") as part of their visit to the social network Facebook or other websites that also use the process. Please find more information to Facebook Conversion Tracking, Facebook Custom Audiences and related data processing activities in our privacy notice.

In addition, the Facebook cookies enable Facebook to offer the Facebook Products to you and to understand the information they receive about you, including information about your use of other websites and apps, whether or not you are registered or logged in.

The Facebook cookies receives the following types of data: Http Headers, Pixel specific Data, Button Click Data, Optional Values and Form Field Names. Further information about Facebook's cookies can be found here.

5.2 Google

As already outlined above, on our website we use various cookies for analytics and/or marketing purposes that are provided and/or used by Google. Further information about Google's privacy practices can be found at The further details table contains cookie names with variable identifiers, where <wpid> is web property ID or the measurement ID for Google Analytics 4, consisting of 10 characters (numbers and letters), [_<customname>] and <property-id> are property IDs in Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics), consisting of digits in the following pattern: UA-XXXXXXXX-X.

        5.2.1 Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users. It can place ads both in the results of search engines like Google Search and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos.

Further information about Google Ads can be found here.

        5.2.2 Google Remarketing function

Google's remarketing function allows us to serve ads to our users on other sites within the Google Ads network (called "Google ads" or ads on other sites) based on their interests. To this end, we analyse user interaction on our website in order to be able to display targeted advertising to users on other sites even after they have visited our website. For this purpose, Google stores a number in the browsers of users who visit certain Google services or websites in the Google display network. This number, known as a "cookie," is used to track the visits of these users. This number is used to uniquely identify a web browser on a particular computer, not to identify an individual, and no personal data is stored.

You can deactivate the use of cookies by Google by installing the plug-in provided under the following link:

         5.2.3 Google Conversion Tracking

We also use Google's conversion tracking in this context. When you click on an ad placed by Google, a 30-day conversion tracking cookie is placed on your device. This cookie is not used for personal identification. The information collected using the conversion cookie is used to compile conversion statistics for Google Ads customers.

You can disable interest-based Google ads on Google in your browser by clicking the "Off" button at or by opting out at

         5.2.4 Other Google Marketing Platform services (Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360)

Our website also uses other services of the Google Marketing Platform (formerly "Google Doubleclick"). Campaign Manager 360 allows us to run ad campaigns and measure their performance. Display & Video 360 helps us manage display and video campaigns. Search Ads 360 is utilized to manage search campaigns across various search engines.  These services use cookies to deliver ads that are relevant to users, to improve campaign performance reports, or to prevent a user from receiving ads more than once.

Google uses a cookie ID to determine which ads are served in which browser and can thus prevent them from being shown more than once. Google may also use cookie IDs to track conversions, which is whether a user sees an ad and later visits the advertiser's website to make a purchase. These cookies contain no personal information.

Your browser automatically establishes a direct connection with the Google server. According to Google, the integration of these services provides Google with the information that you have viewed the corresponding part of our website or clicked on an advertisement from us. If you are registered with a Google service, Google can assign the visit to your user account. Even if you are not registered with Google or have not logged in, it is possible that the provider will find out your IP address and save it.

In addition, cookies enable us to understand whether you perform certain actions on our website after you have viewed or clicked on one of our ads on Google or on another platform (conversion tracking) ("floodlight"). Google uses this cookie to understand the content that you have interacted with on our sites so that we can later send you targeted advertising.

You can prevent tracking by changing your browser software settings (e.g., disabling third party cookies), disabling conversion tracking cookies by blocking cookies from the domain in your browser settings, with respect to interest-based ads from providers that are part of the About Ads self-regulatory campaign, by clicking on the link or by clicking on the link. We would like to point out that in this case you may not be able to use all functions of the website to their full extent.

Further information about the Google Marketing Platform is available at You can also find further information at the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) at


5.3 Amobee Flextag & IDsync Pixel

We On our website, we use the services of Amobee, Inc.. Amobee’s advertising technology uses cookies that collect and/or use the following information: information about the device; the browser or application used; which and how many web pages have been viewed by a browser or application; search terms entered on our web page; referring and exit pages; the date and time an advertisement was viewed; browser or device-specific identifiers (such as mobile device advertising identifiers or your browser’s user agent string); and other similar information. In certain instances, Amobee may collect and match this information across devices, browsers, or applications through deterministic methods or statistical correlation for the purposes of identifying devices, browsers, or applications belonging to the same user and providing more relevant advertising. Amobee also obtains further information from third party data vendors.

Amobee also uses cookies to help it better understand the effectiveness of particular advertisements. For example, Amobee may use cookies to help evaluate how browsers or applications respond to advertisements or any content provided therein, or to help determine the site placement and context in which advertisements are displayed. Amobee’s cookies may also help control the number of times a browser or application is served an advertisement.

In addition, we use the ID Syncing (also known as cookie syncing or cookie matching) service of Amobee. This service enables us to use data to coordinate an advertising campaign across multiple publishing platforms and advertising service providers.

Amobee associates the above-mentioned data that it collects about a browser or device with a pseudonymous identifier known as an Amobee ID. Amobee uses ID Syncing (described below) to associate Amobee IDs with identifiers and data from us and further business partners in an effort to display relevant advertisements on a wider range of websites, apps and content.


5.4 Qualtrics

We use the services of Qualtrics LLC, 333 W. River Park Drive, Provo UT 84604, USA in order to conduct customer-, product-, and brandsurveys on our website. When you are taking a survey, we use Qualtrics cookies with ID values, mainly to help keep track of survey sessions or to maintain survey sessions. For more information about Qualtrics LLC please visit

5.5 Pinterest Tag

Our website uses the remarketing and conversion tracking tag provided by Pinterest Europe Limited, 2nd Floor, Palmerston House, Fenian Street, Dublin 2, Ireland (“Pinterest”). With the Pinterest tag, we and/or Pinterest track visitors of our website as well as the actions a visitor take on our website after seeing our Pinterest ads. This helps us to measure how effective our Pinterest ads are. In this context, Pinterest will receive information, e.g. that you have visit our website or that you have clicked on our Pinterest ads. If you are a registered Pinterest user, Pinterest can match the aforementioned information with your account Pinterest account. Please find more information about Pinterest and the Pinterest Tag on the Pinterest website.

5.6 SaleCycle

We use SaleCycle Ltd, Office 2.01, PROTO Building, Baltic Business Quarter, Abbotts Hill, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 3DF (SaleCycle). SaleCycle is a solution used to track use of the website in order to understand which products and services are of interest to you and to collect certain personal information such as name, email address, phone number, and a unique identifier associated with your device. This information is then used to assist you in the buying process including by contacting you from time to time (either by email or SMS) or to personalise advertising displayed to you online. For this purpose, we must use technologies named “Session storage” and “Local storage”, in particular, for identifying visitors and tracking their actions.

Please see the SaleCycle Service Privacy Notice for more details regarding the cookies used by SaleCycle on our website:


6. Changes to this Cookie Policy

We may change this Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect changes to the cookies we use or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. Please therefore re-visit this Cookie Policy regularly to stay informed about our use of cookies and related technologies. You can see when this Cookie Policy was last updated by checking the “last updated” date displayed at the top of this Cookie Policy.


7. To get further information

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