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Miele offers two different microwave oven models: Installed in a niche or as a freestanding unit. With their timeless design and intelligent user interfaces, they integrate seamlessly into your kitchen design. Miele also offers ovens with an additional microwave function. You will find these in the chapter "Microwave combination ovens". 
Miele built-in TopControl appliances
Miele microwave ovens with controls positioned at the top offer excellent user benefits. Their design allows them to be installed in combination with any other Miele appliance in the kitchen - fleet design in perfection. The appliance door is hinged along the bottom – as on the ovens. Thanks to the controls along the top there is more space on the inside.
No niche space for a built-in microwave oven? Miele's freestanding microwave oven is the right appliance for you: You can simply place it on a worktop.
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.