Cooked to perfection

Frying level I
This level is suitable for all dishes cooked at a low frying temperature, such as fried eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon, chicken breast, gnocchi, vegetables, patties, fish and most frozen dishes.
Frying level II
This medium temperature is used for stir-frying and frying food such as prawns, steaks, schnitzels, meat loaf and sliced meat. It is also suitable for lightly frying seeds and preparing potato pancakes, tortillas and caramel.
Frying level III
The highest level is perfect for cooking with a wok and searing meat for stews or large amounts of meat. It also works well for pancakes.
Simmer setting
Many dishes are not complete until the sauce is added – for example, ragout or Bolognese. With the help of the simmer setting, the cooktop regulates the temperature perfectly. This prevents splattering, and sauces are always cooked to perfection.
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.