Perfect design harmony in your kitchen

Miele offers four different types of dishwashers - for maximum convenience and perfect design harmony in your kitchen.
Freestanding dishwasher
Freestanding dishwashers with a hard- wearing covering panel which can be used as a worktop. As these appliances are not built in, they can simply move house with their owners and be installed in the new kitchen.
Built-under dishwashers
Ideal as a replacement appliance in an existing kitchen. The appliance can be installed in a run of kitchen units. Built-under dishwashers are available in Brilliant white, Obsidian black or CleanSteel.
Integrated dishwashers
Appliance front and fascia panel can be matched to the cabinetry of your built-in kitchen - for a completely seamless kitchen design. Alternatively, front panels in stainless-steel with CleanSteel finish are also an option.
Fully integrated dishwashers
The entire front of the appliance is concealed either behind a matching furniture front or a Miele CleanSteel front. This allows the appliance to be perfectly integrated into the design of your kitchen.
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.