Kitchen Experience

Cooking is fun! Especially if the technology works efficiently and the products are of first class quality. Under this heading you can find everything that makes cooking easier and more enjoyable: detailed product knowledge and a helpful guide to herbs, practical tips on nutrition, international kitchen classics and tips on the special nutritional needs of babies and infants.

All about Herbs

Herbs add the right twist to dishes

A kitchen without herbs is hardly a kitchen at all. Whether you grow them yourself or buy them from the greengrocer - herbs taste best when they are fresh and add a delicious twist to every dish!
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Nutrition Tips

Is white flour really unhealthy? How can bitter agents benefit the figure? Why is fibre important for our body? What to do if my child always says "I don't like it" when eating? And why do tired people eat more than those who are rested? The nutrition tips from our experts reveal how easy healthy eating is and why enjoyment and wholesome food need not be a contradiction in terms.

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Food Science

How are sweet potatoes different from other potatoes? Why do green beans need to be cooked? What are papayas suitable for? What is the difference between octopus, squid and calamari? Why is Moroccan argan oil particularly precious? In our section on product knowledge, we research food, explain where it comes from and how to prepare it - with practical examples.

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Babies and infants

Prepare healthy baby and infant food with the Miele steam oven

In order to grow up and explore the world, physical activity, love and balanced nutrition are extremely important in the first years of life. Food for children should be delicious, rich in variety and healthy.

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