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Food can be stored for considerably longer: optimum storage temperature and air humidity for perishables.

PerfectFresh Pro

For perfect storage conditions: innovative Miele technology keeps fruit and vegetables fresh even longer.


Convenient: manual defrost is no longer needed; circulated air prevents icing up on frozen food.

DynaCool (dynamic cooling)

Uniform distribution of temperature: a ventilator ensures excellent circulation and distribution of cold air.


Better storage: Separate cooling circuits for refrigeration/freezing prevent drying of food and odour transfer.


Fresh ice, fully automatically: produces up to 100 ice cubes per day with ease thanks to mains water connection.

My Ice

Fresh ice cubes any time: the automatic IceMaker with integrated water container for up to 100 ice cubes a day.


Adaptable to space requirements: storage space can be re-arranged if more room is required to freeze bulky items.

Automatic SuperCool / Super freeze

Fast cooling and freezing: ideal for large quantities of food, extra cold drinks or gentle freezing.
 Refrigeration appliance convenience features

EasyOpen lever handle

Easy to open: the elegant handle allows you to open the door effortlessly.


Perfect glare-free lighting: depending on the food stored, the interior lighting can be positioned at all rack levels.

LED lighting

Maintenance free and economical: efficient and durable LEDs ensure perfect illumination of the interior.


Fast cleaning: the high-quality door racks are dishwasher-proof.


Closes quietly and reliably: the gently self-closing door prevents items from falling out.

Active AirClean filters

Aroma retainment: the combination of active charcoal filter and chitosan effectively prevents odours.
 Wine and MasterCool convenience features


For individual labelling: every bottle rack features removable, magnetic strip for labelling bottles.
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K 12820 SDFreestanding refrigerator

practical interior space

$ 2,699.00** Details
F 1471 ViMasterCool freezer

with individual water and ice cube supply thanks to integrated IceMaker.

K 1801 ViMasterCool refrigerator

with high-quality features and maximum storage space for fresh food.

KF 1911 ViMasterCool fridge-freezer

with high-quality features and maximum storage space for exacting demands.

FN 12827 SFreestanding freezer

with EasyOpen and NoFrost for convenient side-by-side installation.

$ 2,699.00** Details
K 12820 SD edt/csFreestanding refrigerator

practical interior space

$ 3,199.00** Details
FN 12827 S edt/csFreestanding freezer

with EasyOpen and NoFrost for convenient side-by-side installation.

$ 3,399.00** Details
K 14820 SD ed/csFreestanding refrigerator

For maximum convenience thanks to ComfortClean, SoftClose and Miele VarioBord.

$ 3,899.00** Details
K 14827 SD ed/csFreestanding refrigerator

For optimum storage conditions thanks to Perfect fresh and Miele VarioBord.

$ 5,499.00** Details
FN 14827 S ed/csFreestanding freezer

with NoFrost and SoftClose for convenient side-by-side installation.

$ 4,499.00** Details
KFN 14827 SDE ed/csFreestanding fridge-freezer

Increased convenience thanks to Perfect fresh, Frost free

$ 7,199.00** Details
KWT 6831 SGFreestanding wine conditioning unit

with extra versatility and style, thanks to FlexiFrame and Miele Noteboard.

KFNS 37432 iDBuilt-in fridge-freezer combination

With impressive convenience from FlexiLight and the SoftClose door mechanism.

$ 4,699.00** Details
KFNS 37452 iDEBuilt-in fridge-freezer combination

with an individual touch thanks to FlexiLight glass shelf lighting and My Ice.

$ 5,399.00** Details
KFNS 37682 iDBuilt-in fridge-freezer combination

High-quality storage thanks to Perfect fresh Pro, FlexiLight and Frost free.

$ 5,399.00** Details
KFNS 37692 iDEBuilt-in fridge-freezer combination

For that special look in the kitchen thanks to Perfect fresh Pro and FlexiLight.

$ 5,899.00** Details
KS 37422 iDIntegrated refrigerator

with DynamicCooling and FlexiLight for increased convenience and versatility.

$ 4,599.00** Details
FNS 37402 iIntegrated freezer

for perfect side-by-side combination in a 178 cm niche.

$ 4,599.00** Details
KS 37472 iDIntegrated refrigerator

PerfectFresh and FlexiLight for best storage conditions and high convenience.

$ 4,999.00** Details
KWT 6321 UGBuilt-under wine conditioning unit

Active charcoal filter

$ 5,499.00** Details
KFN 15842 D edt/csFreestanding fridge-freezer

75 cm wide for plenty of storage space.

$ 5,999.00** Details
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**GST inclusive
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