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This appliance is suitable for installation in a stack consisting of a washing machine and a tumble dryer. A washer-dryer stacking kit is required for safely connecting the two appliances.

Can be built-under

The lid can be removed from the appliance and replaced with a building-under kit. As a result, the appliance can also be built into a niche of 82 cm.


Appliance can be inserted into a niche 85 cm high.
 Max. spin speed
 Maximum load size
 Cleaning performance

Innovative PowerWash technology

Clean, quick and especially energy-efficient for small loads.

TwinDos® automatic detergent dispensing*

Cleaner than ever: automatic dispensing with a revolutionary 2-phase system.
Patent EP 2 784 205

CapDosing portioned dispensing*

Easy and sustainable: optimum dispensing of special detergents, fabric softeners and additives with CapDosing.
Patent EP 2 365 120

Stains option

Intensive cleaning: the wash cycle is adapted to treat stains.


Efficient solution for individual items: wash a favourite blouse more quickly, economically and gently than ever.

Proven hygiene 

Proven by the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences: with AllergoWash, up to 99.99 % of bacteria are removed. 

Gold standard for virus hygiene 

Hygienically clean: TwinDos® and PowerWash reliably remove over 99.9 %* of viruses.
Tested by Albstadt-Sigmaringen University and awarded the gold label by the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology (InFluenc_H). Applies to all models with TwinDos® and PowerWash in the Cottons hygiene 60 °C programme with the AllergoWash option. A description of the relevant methodology can be found at the following link:
 Gentle laundry care 

SteamCare steam system

Maximum variety of applications: SteamCare freshens up and smoothes your favourite clothes.

Pre-ironing with steam

50 % less need for ironing – smoothing after a wash programme.

PerfectCare technology 

Perfect care: thanks to Miele PerfectCare technology, your laundry is treated gently and with the utmost care.
 Wash programmes


Quick and thorough: clean laundry in just 49 minutes.

Cottons hygiene

Good to know: A higher water level and extended temperature holding times reliably kill bacteria and dust mites.


No shrinkage, no felting: Delicate wool fabrics are cared for particularly gently, maintaining their quality.


Excellent care: all hand-washable textiles which do not contain wool are washed extremely gently.


The fitness programme: sportswear is ready to wear again in no time.


Best care without the loss of function: High-quality outdoor textiles retain their functionality in any weather.


Best possible effect: Thermally fixing ensures optimum water-repellent properties.

Down filled items/Down duvets

Full volume: down-filled textiles such as jackets or down duvets remain fluffy and keep their shape.
 User convenience

Domestic appliance networking with Miele@home*

Make your life smart: thanks to Miele@home, you can cleverly network your domestic appliances – for more options.
Additional digital offer from Miele & Cie. KG. All smart applications are made possible with the Miele@home system. The range of functions can vary depending on the model and the country.


Enjoy maximum convenience: you can conveniently add or remove laundry items even after the programme has started.

Delay start and countdown indicator

According to schedule: You can start the programme whenever you want to fit in with your daily schedule.

LED drum lighting

Enlightening: the perfectly lit honeycomb drum ensures items are not left behind when unloading the machine.
 Efficiency and sustainability

Automatic load control

Intelligent adjustment: low load, less water and electricity consumption. Fully automatically.


Consumption under control: this function gives you full control over electricity and water consumption.

Hot water connection

For greater sustainability: save up to 65 % electricity* with a second connection for hot water.
Compared with the sole use of cold water in a 9 kg test wash in the Cottons 60 °C programme, hot water temperature 55 °C, room temperature 23 °C, no cold water in hot water line.

WaterControl-System (WCS)

Everything dry: WCS monitors the water intake, detects leakages and water in the drip tray.

Waterproof system (WPS)

Double safety: in the event of a leak, a second solenoid valve stops the flow of water directly at the tap.

Waterproof Metal System (WPM)

Protection against flooding: intelligent sensor technology and a metal-braided hose provides utmost safety.
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WWI860 WCS PWash&TDos&9kg W1 front loader washing machine
WWI860 WCS PWash&TDos&9kgW1 front loader washing machine

with TwinDos and SingleWash for laundry care that saves time and energy. 

$ 3,799.00
WWD164 WCS 9kg W1 front loader washing machine
WWD164 WCS 9kgW1 front loader washing machine

Combining style with Miele quality and reliability, enjoy gentle care for your garments with the Miele Honeycomb drum, convenience of 12 wash programmes, ease of use with AddLaundry and minimise ironing time with Pre-ironing.

$ 2,599.00
WTW870WPM PWash&TDos 9/5 kg WT1 washer-dryer:
WTW870WPM PWash&TDos 9/5 kgWT1 washer-dryer:

combining 2 appliances into one creating the ultimate convenience all from one appliance.

$ 5,399.00
WCA020 WCS Active W1 front loader washing machine
WCA020 WCS ActiveW1 front loader washing machine

for 1–7 kg laundry with proven Miele quality at an attractive price.

$ 1,899.00
WWV980 WPS Passion W1 front loader washing machine
WWV980 WPS PassionW1 front loader washing machine

the economical all-rounder that meets the highest expectations.

$ 5,699.00
WWR860 WPS PWash&TDos&9kg W1 front loader washing machine
WWR860 WPS PWash&TDos&9kgW1 front loader washing machine

with TwinDos, PowerWash and Miele@home for smart laundry care. 

$ 4,899.00
WTD160 WCS 8/4 kg WT1 washer-dryer:
WTD160 WCS 8/4 kgWT1 washer-dryer:

combining 2 appliances into one creating the ultimate convenience all from one appliance. 

$ 3,699.00
WWD320 WCS PWash&8kg W1 front loader washing machine
WWD320 WCS PWash&8kgW1 front loader washing machine

with QuickPowerWash from 0 to clean in 49 minutes.

$ 2,599.00
WWH860 WCS PWash&TDos&8kg W1 front loader washing machine
WWH860 WCS PWash&TDos&8kgW1 front loader washing machine

with TwinDos and SingleWash for laundry care that saves time and energy. 

$ 3,399.00
WWD660 WCS TDos & 8kg W1 front loader washing machine
WWD660 WCS TDos & 8kgW1 front loader washing machine

with TwinDos & Miele@home – smart laundry care at affordable entry-level price.

$ 2,599.00
WTR870WPM PWash&TDos 8/4 kg WT1 washer-dryer:
WTR870WPM PWash&TDos 8/4 kgWT1 washer-dryer:

with TwinDos & QuickPower – combining 2 appliances into one creating the ultimate convenience. 

$ 4,899.00
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