Reduced humidity protects you and your home

Miele exceeds condensation efficiency rating A
Miele dryers condense moisture from textiles with around 50 %* greater efficiency than regulations require. This is calculated by comparing the moisture levels of the textiles before the drying process with what has later gathered in the condenser box. For A-rated appliances, the difference must not exceed 2 small bottles of water, each with a capacity of 250 ml. With Miele dryers, the moisture loss is only around 1 bottle.
Low moisture release for an ideal room atmosphere
The majority is fed safely into the condenser box as condensate. That's why all Miele dryers attain the highest condensation efficiency rating – A. The better a dryer's condensation efficiency rating, the less moisture escapes to the outside. This classification can be found next to the familiar energy efficiency rating information located on the bottom left of the EU energy label on your Miele appliance. The set-up location of your Miele appliance knows no bounds and your dryer can even be placed in rooms without windows and used in passive houses. A condensation efficiency rating of A means that less than 10 % of the moisture evaporated from the laundry load is lost to atmosphere. In fact, Miele dryers surpass this requirement by around 50 %*.
Reduced humidity protects you and your rooms
During the drying process, Miele dryers condense moisture from clothing so efficiently that only a small amount escapes into the atmosphere. The lower the moisture levels in living and utility rooms, the lower the risk of health complaints for those with allergies and of mildew forming on the ceilings and walls. What's more, low levels of humidity help to retain the value of your furniture and property.
Quality door seal system prevents moisture loss
The Miele dryer's outstanding door seal system is a key quality factor and also the reason behind its high level of efficiency. A special drum door seal ring with Kevlar® fibres guarantees optimum impermeability values. Moisture cannot escape through the door; instead it condenses in the drum and is fed into the condenser box. The top-grade material quality guarantees long-lasting functionality and efficiency.
Optimum efficiency in the shortest possible time
Miele drying technology puts user-friendliness first. As such, Miele appliances deliver the very best results in the shortest amount of time. For example, a Miele dryer requires no longer than 2 hours and 27 minutes to dry 8 kg of cottons and in doing so releases 50 %* less moisture into the room air than is required for condensation efficiency rating A.
Condensation efficiency class B
Approximately 750 ml* of moisture is expelled to atmosphere during the drying process. This is roughly the content of 3 small water bottles. With frequent use of the appliance, the room is subjected to up to 150 litres of condensation during the course of a year.This equates to approx. 1 full bathtub.
For this efficiency class, no more than 500 ml* or 2 small bottles of water must be expelled to the atmosphere.
Only approx. 250 ml* of moisture is expelled into the atmosphere from Miele tumble dryers – roughly the content of one small water bottle.
Tested in Miele-owned labsBased on 8 kg load and 60 % residual moisture at the beginning of the programmeImages serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.