Highly versatile

Suitable original Miele Gourmet oven dishes for cooking roasts, gratins, oven bakes and many other dishes are available for Miele cookers, ovens, Dialog ovens and steam combination ovens. Depending on the appliance, they can be inserted into the shelf runners, on Comfort runners, FlexiClip telescopic runners and/or alternatively placed on a baking and roasting rack. The original Miele Gourmet oven dishes are made of die-cast aluminium in Germany and have a high-quality non-stick coating from ILAG. This prevents the food from sticking and makes them easier to clean.brThe induction-compatible versions of these oven dishes have a magnetisable base.Miele Gourmet oven dish lidsbrMatching stainless steel lids are available for all Miele Gourmet oven dishes. They are not supplied with the oven dishes and can be ordered separately if required.
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