Miele CaretoYou is our subscription service designed to make your Miele experience even better.

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Have selected Miele laundry and dishwasher detergent delivered to your door. You’ll never run out again. Subscribe, Set up, Sit Back!

Sit back to enjoy the savings and convenience with Miele Care to You. When you subscribe to a six month supply of PowerDisk or UltraPhase or 8 month supply of UltraTabs you save 20%* off RRP price.

It’s easy to set up, you can have it delivered at intervals that suit you, plus you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Subscription offer is not combinable with any other promotional offer. 

See Terms & Conditions TAB for full details.

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Terms & Conditions

* Terms & Conditions

Customers save 20% when subscribing to Miele PowerDisk or UltraPhase 6 months supply or UltraTabs All-in-One (180 tabs) 8 months supply. 20% off is an ongoing exclusive subscription offer, subject to price changes.

Subscription Terms & Conditions

1.1. The Customer subscribes to the Plan and in so doing agrees upon and accepts these General Terms & Conditions
1.2. These General Terms & Conditions prevail over the Plan to the extent of any inconsistency.
1.3. The Customer may change/manage the plan at any time using the My Account>Subscription online only portal.
1.4. Miele reserves the right to change these terms & conditions at any time including, without limitation, by increasing prices, changing the offering or any other aspect of the subscription model. Prior notice of any changes will be provided and should you not agree with such changes, you may cancel this subscription at any time in line with clause 7.

2.1 The Customer shall access the services via the Miele online shop. shop.miele.co.nz
2.2 The Customer will have a registered online shop account, and shall use the “Sign in or Create Account” login tool on the Miele online shop.
2.3 The Customer shall configure the services to its requirements using the features and functionality via the Miele Online shop Shopping Cart and subscriptions are accessible through the My Account>Subscription section on the Miele online shop. Miele LiveChat may assist the Customer if required, but is not responsible for configuration of the services for the Customer.

3. USE
3.1 The Customer shall use, the services and the Miele online shop only for the authorised use.
3.2 The Customer acknowledges and accepts the Privacy Policy.
3.3 The Customer shall comply with Miele’s terms of use of the online shop.

4.1 If the services or the online shop are the target of any electronic attack or threat, Miele may, at any time and without giving prior notice to any person, take such protection and/or mitigation measures (including suspension or removal) as its sole discretion considers reasonably necessary. Miele will not be held liable for any such suspension or removal caused by any cyberattack or any other reason beyond Miele’s control. 
4.2 If Miele takes such measures, it may continue them until such time as the attack or threat is considered by Miele (in its absolute discretion) to be eliminated, avoided or otherwise dealt with. 

Miele will use reasonable efforts to deliver the goods to you by the date and to the place specified by you. However, Miele will not be responsible if the delivery of the goods is delayed by third party delivery services. 

6.1 Miele may provide the Customer with online support for the services and online shop via its LiveChat forum. 
6.2 The Customer may access such support via the online LiveChat Forum where basic instructions can be provided. For technical queries, these may be escalated by LiveChat forum to the Miele Customer Care Centre. 
6.3 Miele shall use its best endeavours to respond to any enquiries in a timely manner, but will not be responsible for any delays caused beyond its control. 

The Customer may cancel the subscription by using the My Account>Subscription online portal. Miele will send you an email prior to and as a reminder of your recurring order. Miele may cancel the subscription at any time and without any liability: 
a) where the goods have sold out; 
b) where the goods are temporarily unavailable or have been discontinued. Miele makes no warranty as to the availability of goods or the level of stock; 
c) non-payment or insufficient funds in your account; or 
d) where the subscription service is discontinued, irrespective of reason. 

To the extent permitted by law, including any guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law, Miele will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered including without limitation:
a) for any technical or software issues, network/website or internet failure or website congestion issues or for unauthorised network access; 
b) for events outlined in clauses 1.4, 2.3, 4, 5, 6.3 and 7; 
c) for incorrect details you provide Miele, including shipping address or debit details as well as failure to provide an update of change of details to Miele; or 
d) in the event your account is debited in error (eg: by virtue of stock unavailability) in which case you will be reimbursed promptly.