Simply perfect laundry care. With Miele.

Simply perfect laundry care. With Miele.
Miele boasts outstanding expertise in the field of laundry care spanning more than 120 years. From perfect washing machines to matching detergents, Miele develops every single product with expert input and passion. This ensures that we always have a 360° view of all our products. Our specialists perfectly coordinate all parts of laundry care. We are familiar with each step in the wash process, the properties of the detergent ingredients and the requirements of different textiles. This results in a perfect interaction between the individual components, providing a reliable Miele care system for many years. Thanks to our extensive experience, Miele offers the right detergent for every garment: UltraWhite for whites, UltraColor for colours or WoolCare for sensitive natural fibres. This ensures that all textiles are thoroughly cleaned and gently cared for at the same time.
The perfect match
The products are specifically formulated for Miele washing machines and stand for perfect wash results. Based on the water quantity and the temperatures required for Miele wash and care programmes, the most efficient dispensing recommendations for achieving perfect results have been determined and successfully tested. This allows you to tap the potential of your Miele washing machine to the full, using incredibly low quantities of detergent. And they reduce the burden on the environment at the same time.
Protect sensitive skin
Sensitive skin deserves special protection – even in laundry care: for that reason, our Sensitive detergents are free of colourants and fragrances, keeping allergies at bay. Using sensitive detergent gives your skin the care it deserves. So you can be sure of perfect laundry care: the wash results are excellent.
Nordic Swan: sustainability label for our products
The Nordic Swan label is committed to strict environmental requirements. These concern the entire life cycle of the products – from raw materials to packaging. Our UltraColor Sensitive detergents were able to fully meet these requirements. This also means that these detergents are free from fragrance and colourants – so they protect your skin as well as the environment.
Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.