The best liquid detergent system

The best liquid detergent system
Miele has revolutionised laundry care: its 2-phase system produces a cleaner and more thorough washing result than conventional liquid detergents that do not contain bleaching agents, as these would destroy the other ingredients. Separate storage and dispensing of Miele UltraPhase 1 and 2 allows the use of bleaching agents in the TwinDos® system.
Proven quality
The German Hohenstein test institute tested the automatic 2-phase dispensing system in connection with Miele’s UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 detergents. They confirmed excellent wash results in terms of stain removal, the degree of whiteness, the anti-greying effect, and accuracy of dispensing.
The active ingredients and enzymes in UltraPhase 1 loosen dirt and remove stains from sources such as oil, grease, protein and starch.With UltraPhase 2, bleach is added at the appropriate time during the wash process and removes even stubborn stains such as coffee, tea, fruit juice or red wine.The big advantage of this dispensing system is that you can wash whites as well as colours perfectly with liquid detergents for the first time.
Automatic dispensing with TwinDos® is not only practical, but also guarantees perfect cleanliness: with UltraPhase 1 and 2 your appliance offers the best liquid detergent dispensing system. TwinDos® dispenses UltraPhase 1 and 2 at the optimum time during the wash process and thus achieves the very best wash results. TwinDos® also dispenses with such precision that you can save up to 30 % on detergent when compared to manual dispensing*.
According to Öko-Institut e.V. report dated 06.09.2013: “Potential savings with automatic TwinDos® dispensing on washing machines”.Images serve as examples to illustrate the product benefit. Actual feature may vary per model.